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How to Download, Install, Application, on Computers and Laptops

How to Download and Install Applications on PC / Laptop . An application is a piece of PC software that utilizes computing capabilities directly to perform a task the user wants. Applications can also be called programs, while the main examples such as word processing programs, worksheets, offices, learning and media players.

How to Download, Install, Application, on Computers and Laptops

When viewed in terms of use on the device, there are several types of applications, namely:

Use for a PC such as a computer or laptop.
Use for mobile devices such as smartphones.
Applications used on mobile devices are often called "APKs". Usually applications can generally be used on computers or laptops, including APKs with supported operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 10 and other software such as "Emulator". But applications that are used on a PC may not be able to run on a mobile device. This is because the operating system is still limited.

How to Download Applications (APK)
To download the "APK" including from "Google Play Store" on Computers and Laptops, please read the way in this link .

How to Download Windows Applications
To download Windows Applications or Software on Computers and Laptops:

Open a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Opera .
Type in the search box or Click here to select Download Applications and search for the desired application or software to be downloaded as desired.
Read the software description and explanation if there are any.
Click "download" the desired application.
Usually after that we can immediately get it by waiting for the download.
There is also a part of the website that requires several procedures to get it.
After the download is complete, open it in the folder downloaded.
The application is ready to be installed.

To install the "APK" application on a computer or laptop, we need an emulator to run it, then install it in the emulator . Emulators are widely available on the Internet such as BlueStacks . Inside Bluestacks itself can usually directly download and install it.

To install applications that are usually used on the Windows Operating System is very easy. In general, we can immediately click 2X the software, then follow according to the instructions that appear on the screen. Usually by clicking "Next" to "Finish". But it should be noted also read the statement if desired, to be more vigilant of software that can damage or even contain viruses. Therefore it is highly recommended to install the Best Antivirus .

Some applications are combined together into a package which is sometimes referred to as an application suite package. An example is Microsoft Office which consists of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, etc. Applications in a package usually have a user interface that has similarities making it easier for users to learn and use it. Often, they have the ability to interact with each other so that it benefits the user.

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